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In one-on-one sessions, we will work together to identify and release the barriers that are holding you back using EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) or Tapping. Whether it's health, heartbreak, anxiety, or any other challenge, I am here to connect with and support you every step of the way.


You love them but are starting to question whether you are "in love" with them. Together we can work through the complex emotions that come from an evolving relationship. Over 3 months I will give you the tools and personal space to explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviour to enable you to make a decision you wont regret.


The emotional pain of heartbreak is intimately linked to the body, insomnia, crying, headaches, loss of appetite, tension and anxiety. Pair this with obsessive thoughts, bargaining, grief and fear of the future. It's no wonder that heartbreak can affect every part of our life and have us questioning our whole sense of self. It's also a very lonely place. I will provide you a safe space to navigate the overwhelm and focus foward.


When a relationship breaks down we often find ourselves wondering how we got here. We have lost our boundaries, possibly even been in a toxic relationship and are left thinking "how did I let this happen". The reality is, our boundaries get broken slowly and over time. I can help you to understand how this happened, rebuild your boundaries and ensure it doesn't happen again.


Let's be honest, it's a minefield, and everyone has a horror story to share! But getting a divorce doesn't have to be scary. Working with the right professionals, at the right time, can make a world of difference. I will give you the guidance and support you need, both practically and emotionally, to close this chapter without feeling like you are going round in circles and spending money left right and centre.  


Have me in your pocket via WhatsApp for those moments of emotional turmoil. Whether you've just walked out of the solicitors, you're preparing to meet the ex's new partner, you've just told the kids or you're about to drunk dial! I'm available to you for emotional support through voicenotes and text messages at the touch of a button.


Free Discovery Call

Book a free 30 minute discover call to see if I'm the right person to support you

Face to Face

Face to face sessions take place in the safe and comfortable space of

The Pippins, Halstead


Coaching can be supported online via Skype or telephone providing you access to my support in a way that suits your personal needs

My Honest Friend

Following your first 3 coaching sessions you have the option to access My Honest Friend, a WhatsApp support service

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