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About Gemma Hall

me and my heartbreak

When I went through my divorce I was overwhelmed and lost in grief. I’d not just lost my husband, but a future I had planned for myself and my children. Add to that a mountain of fear, shame, and anxiety; how would I tell people, what would they think, how would we tell the children, would I have to sell the house etc. Then came the influx of other peoples opinions, and I was drowning. I’d always been ‘the strong one’, and on the surface that’s what I continued to be, but behind closed doors, I was a mess - crying daily, obsessed with checking social media and thinking constantly about the 'what if's". I didn't recognise myself any more. I'd lost my identity. I thought I was a good wife, but suddenly everything was in question.


I was lucky, I had a great network of friends and family but I didn't want to tell them everything, or show them just how broken I was, and they didn't really understand. As time past, and I discovered tools that helped me to heal, like EFT, I found I was able to help friends through heartbreak, help them feel less alone and that's what brought me here. Helping others navigating the devastation of heartbreak and learning how to rediscover their sparkle.

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But my divorce does not define me

about me

A 40 year old woman looks directly at the camera smiling, she is relaxed comfortably on a teal sofa and wearing an outfit with blue and purple leaves.

Because I am a human, my life has included many highs and lows, so whilst my divorce was not my first taste of heartbreak and it is  definitely not my whole story.

A daughter and sister - as the youngest of two girls I am lucky to have a close relationship with my parents, and sister (that wasn't always the case as we are like chalk and cheese, so growing up together wasn't easy!). My parents are still happily married and so is my sister. My sister has been living, and thriving, with Stage 4 breast cancer since 2021 (following a primary diagnosis in 2017) so you'll often hear me promoting CoppaFeel!, a charity dedicated to raising awareness of 'know your normal' in young people. Together we also host a podcast The Same but Different, where we discuss out different views and experiences as sisters with very different outlooks.

A mother - to two beautiful daughters (who are also like chalk and cheese which means parenting them isn't easy - especially with the added spice of co-parenting). I went through two miscarriages and started fertility treatment (Clomid & Metformin) before my first daughter and found talking about miscarriage a source of comfort.

Between my daughters, I had a son who was born and lost at 22 weeks due to a diaphragmatic hernia in 2015.  This loss is a heartbreak that sits quietly at my side.

A friend - my friends would describe me as "the funny, honest one"! I'm the person they go to when they want the truth, not just what they want to hear. I'm the first one on the dance floor and the last one off. My friendships have evolved with my life, that includes when I was single, married and divorced. I have friends that I've known since birth and friends that I've found in my 40's, because I'm not the same person it makes sense that my friendships have grown too.

A boss - I spent 10 years working in corporate HR including the UK, Europe and Asia. Next there was a "plot twist" and I spent 15 years in the family business, working in education with 16-18 year olds. My niche was working with the kids that had big attitudes i.e. fear based behaviour, and helping to lower their barriers so they could successfully learn and achieve. The next plot twist saw us selling the family business in 2023 and committing myself full-time to TeamYOU.

PS. You can find my sister Kate over at if you are curious about her journey.

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